The 7 Keys To


(Life above any kind of Sickness)

“… I will put NONE of the diseases on
you that I put on the Egyptians …”
(Exodus 15: 26 E.S.V).

Zion Scan



The purpose of this book is to show you the
excellent ways of staying healthy instead of
seeking for healing here and there. Most
people have developed the habit of taking
drugs of various kinds incessantly, as if it
replaces disease – preventing lifestyles.
Whenever such people feel sick they just go
and get some drugs without even knowing
what ails them, and how it could be prevented;
by so doing they enter into the cycle of getting
sicker, taking more drugs and getting even
worse. Drugs have side effects which may be
dangerous to some people; therefore they
should be taken as at when due and
according to standard prescriptions. Some of
the sicknesses people are suffering from are
due to lack of adequate health care.
One should know how to take proper care of
one’s body by maintaining healthy lifestyle, as caused by unhealthy lifestyles. Those healthy
lifestyles are taught in this book. As you read
this book, you will discover the Seven Natural
Keys to Healthy Life.
It is possible for you to live a life naturally
immune from all sicknesses (life above any
kind of sickness) when you follow the seven
natural keys or excellent ways of improving in
your good health, which you are going to learn
from this book. God bless you as you read.





– Dedication

– Preface

– Acknowledgement

– Table of Contents

– Introduction


Chapter One: Godliness

– Introduction

– Be Born of God

– Do Not Be Sinful

– The Grace of God

– Abundant Life

– Knowledge of Divine Health

– Conclusion


Chapter Two: Hygiene 

– Introduction

– Personal Hygiene

– Food Hygiene

– Environmental Hygiene

– Conclusion


Chapter Three: Balanced Diet (Nutrition)

– Introduction

– Classes of Food

– Note

– Caution

– Conclusion

Chapter Four: Exercise

– Introduction

– Physical Exercise

– Benefits of Physical Exercise

– Mental Exercise

– Benefits of Mental Exercise

– Conclusion


Chapter Five: Relaxation

– Introduction

– Kinds of Relaxation

– Benefits of Relaxation

– Conclusion

Chapter Six: Temperate Body

– Introduction

– Internal Factors Affecting Our Body

– Temperature

– External Factors Affecting Our Body

– Temperature

– Conclusion

Chapter Seven: Healthy Lifestyle

– Introduction

– Caution

– Conclusion

– Note

– Pastors’ Guide

– The Author’s other Book



Our people say that if one neglects one’s
life in pursuit of wealth, when one dies
one’s enemies will enjoy those wealth. This
implies that your life is more important than
all other things of this world you can think
of. The Bible says “But he who is joined
with the living has hope, for a living dog is
better than a dead Lion” (Eccl. 9:4 E.S.V).
Therefore if you maintain your life well in
order to live long, you are considered
richer than any dead rich man you know.
Long life is a result of good health. If you
have good health, you will have long life
and can make wealth and enjoy it well.
This is why it is said that a healthy man is a wealthy man. As you read this book and
practise what you will learn therein, you will
begin to enjoy life above any kind of
Life above any kind of sickness is a life
which is immune of any kind of sickness
(whether physical, mental or spiritual). This
kind of life is good for everyone. You
should not be thinking of how to get your
healing when sickness comes, but rather
think mostly of how to stay healthy and
achieve your vision for life.
To live this kind of life, you have to
carefully prevent sicknesses from your
body by improving in your good health
every day. Your good health is a dynamic
process and not static. So, whenever you
stop improving it, you automatically lose it
even from the time you have never felt any
symptom of sickness in your body. And whenever you lose your good health, you
are bound to fall sick within short period of
time, and not just immediately. This is why
World Health Organization (WHO) defined
good health as a state of Physical, mental
and social well-being and not just the
absence of disease or infirmity in the body.
Therefore, to prevent sickness from your
body, you need to keep improving in your
good health, by giving your body
everything it needs for all its systems,
organs, bones, joints etc, to keep
functioning efficiently. Whenever, any of
these parts of your body stops functioning
efficiently because of one thing or the
other, one sickness or the other is bound to
This is why it is very important for you to
keep preventing sickness from your body
by following the Seven Excellent Ways of improving in your good health which you
are going to learn in details, each one for
each of the Seven Chapters of this book.



If in any case you notice any symptom of
sickness in your body by failing to maintain or
follow any of the seven excellent ways of
improving in your good health. Kindly go to the
hospital for history, physical examination,
investigations and proper treatment by a
specialist, so that it would not cause more other
problems to your body. Remember that a stitch
in time saves nine.

Moreover, if you find out that it is a supernatural
sickness, you should first of all humbly seek the
face of God in prayers – asking Him for forgiveness of your sins, and His divine grace to
heal you. The Bible says “if my people who are
called by my name humble themselves, and pray
and seek my face and turn from their wicked
ways, then I will hear from heaven and will
forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 chronicles
7:14 E.S.V).


Our God is a merciful God; He will heal you only
if you can admit your sins, forsake them, believe
in Jesus Christ, and ask for forgiveness and
God’s mercy.




When it comes to speaking with the highest
stress, pastors are mostly affected among other
professions. Most of the preaching and prayers
require very high stress. Yes, it is Biblical, “shout
it aloud, do not hold back, and raise your voice
like a trumpet. Declare to my people their
rebellion…” (Isaiah 58:1 N.I.V). John the Baptist
preached in a loud voice (Mathew 3:1-3), Jesus
did so “… Jesus stood up and cried out, “If
anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink”
(John 7; 37 E.S.V); He also prayed
(commanded) in a loud voice “… he cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out” (John
11:43 E.S.V), and Saint Paul did so at lystra for a
crippled man to walk “… And Paul … said in a
loud voice; “stand upright on your feet”. And he
sprang up and began walking” (Acts 14:8-10
E.S.V). These much stress in both our preaching
and prayers usually cause pains, aches, stress,
loss of energy and strength, etc.
Consequently, we should always take good care
of our health, in order to be capable again
tomorrow for the work. This calls for good
nutrition – make sure that you keep your diet
balanced. If you are fasting do not go for
preaching or prayers with high stress or you
should stop the fasting first. Before going out for
preaching or prayers which you know that it
require much stress, make sure that you have
the physical energy and strength to avoid hurting
yourself. Then after the preaching or prayers take tepid
water first to moderate your body temperature,
replace the lost water in your body through
sweat, quench your thirst and relax your throat.
Make natural foods, fruits and vegetables your
favourite foods.
Furthermore, for most of us who are full-time
ministers of God (busy all the time in the work of
God) we should not forget to map out times for
our exercise and relaxation for improvement of
our total fitness (good health).
Do not be workaholic, remember that your good
health is very important if you must live long to
fulfill the work which God has assigned to you.
Remain blessed in Jesus name. Amen.




“Obtain Your Total Salvation”

This is a book inspired by the Holy Spirit to give all
the knowledge you need to receive all the good
things that God has prepared for you in Christ Jesus
through faith. “And I pray that the sharing of your
faith may become effective for the full knowledge of
every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.”
(Philemon vs. 6 E.S.V.).

In this book you will find the proper procedure for
any good thing you need in your life, such as: Divine
Healing, Long Life, Freedom from Curses and Evil
Covenants, Forgiveness of Sin, Adoption as a Full
Child of God, Riches and other Blessings from God,
and Finally Eternal Life. The Bible says “For there is
a proper TIME and PROCEDURE for every matter
(Eccl. 8:6 N.I.V.). Now is the proper time. GO AND


For more information, help or testimonies after
reading this book, visit, and
search for Zion Scan at the education section. You
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his phone numbers +2349033214440,
+2348110068555. ZION SCAN ON FACEBOOK



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