Message to all African Upcoming Artist

Message to all African Upcoming Artist
G.Best Message to all African Upcoming Artist

Dear let me tell you, today you will sing reggae tomorrow hip pop the next blues, Dear please where is your base. Upcoming acts especially Africans always have that “I am good in all of them” mentality You have to choose a genre you love and you are talented to deliver in. Banky w cannot just switch from Blues and Be like wizkid who is in the hip pop sector neither will Tiwa Savage turn a rapper overnight when she knows she built her fans as a hip pop vocal artist.

Can you imaging Someone will introduce you as a hip pop artiste only for you to go up on stage and begin to do reggae. You can be jack of all trades later when you blow but right now focus on a particular genre. What are you good in? What is that musical genre people enjoy you sing? What is that musical genre where you can bring out the best in you most? That is your base.

And to all those who wants to be a rapper and a singer at the same time, See let me tell you, It is never a good thing for your music career if you copy the way another musician sings. Learn to be unique. The unique your style of music, the better your chances of securing a place in the industry. Only learn from a music act never copy him/her. But listen, if you think you are good to rap better than Olamide, Phyno, Ark Man, Samza, King Boss LA, Sarkodie and other good Artists then feel free to give him a sit. But my advice is Uniqueness matters it is key.

And to all upcoming acts who charge for every occasion you are called to perform in, you should limit such attitude because you could be declined to perform in a place where your sponsor could be, because you attached a fee thereby killing your chances. Charge on occasions where not much audience will be or unserious events like birthdays, small shows, pool events, weddings.

But not for shows that could boost you more like a top hotel hosting an event and you are called to perform, if them refuse to pay please perform for free. Beg to perform in top events and watch how you scale through, but don’t make yourself too cheap, know your worth.

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